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About the company
We’re an outdoor company helps people get outside and enjoy human-powered adventures. We provide outdoor inspiration for human-powered adventures and enable users to discover adventures across local outfitters for quick and easy online booking.

Backend developer, freelance, flexible hours.
Remote, anywhere with 3 hours of overlap with business hours of US Mountain Time, preferably in the morning.

Our backend services aggregate data from multiple data sources, and present it to our web frontend via Hasura GraphQL consuming Postgres views.
The ideal candidate will competently be in charge of maintaining a common data schema that unites data from multiple 3rd party APIs data import and batch jobs: Deno programs to e.g. mirror all content in external RESTful/OpenAPI/etc APIs

Postgres schema design, non-trivial queries, performance tuning Hasura GraphQL Engine metadata design, configuration and maintenance deployments to Cloudflare Pages, Cloudflare Workers, cloud servers, and such improving our infrastructure toward ever-greater page load speed and robustness.

GraphQL client tuning (such as caching) and assisting web developers on queries
monitoring & metrics backups, preparing for disaster recovery, and such business continuity measures

Example tasks that you would be responsible for
– Create necessary Postgres indexes to allow concurrent refresh of materialized views.
– Improve Postgres schema to enable performant ordering of results by fixed, but relatively complex, criteria and adjust GraphQL queries to enable "load more" functionality.
– Write & deploy a Hasura Action to make HTML user input safe before storing it in the database.
– Write & deploy a batch importer for structured data from WordPress API.

Software stack
Backend is Typescript, Deno, Postgres, Hasura GraphQL Engine, Cloudflare Workers, Linux server, Podman containers.
The frontend is SvelteKit on Cloudflare Workers, Typescript, urql GraphQL client.

Familiarity with the following can be helpful, but is not required
-SvelteKit / Svelte, more for reactive stores and such, and less web design all things geo, from GeoJSON to PostGIS
-WordPress as a headless CMS

Our Culture
We are a small startup. As such, we have to remain flexible, self-reliant, and willing to take on new challenges. While we hope you will be an independent worker, you can always ask for guidance, and communicating is better than getting stuck or doing the wrong thing. Our communication happens mostly over Github and Slack, with video calls as needed.
We expect you to be able to work based on issues filed on Github, requesting more information where needed, and communicating your plan for implementation up front where there’s a technical risk. We value the ability to express your thoughts clearly in written English, clear commits with well-written commit messages, and we expect you to be able to ask questions until everything is clear.

Hourly Range: $27.00-$40.00

Posted On: March 08, 2022 19:22 UTC
Category: Back-End Development
Skills:API, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, TypeScript, Database Maintenance, Database, Database Design, Cloudflare

Country: United States

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