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I would like to hire someone for our ‘Head Of Software Development / Data’ position, on a contractural basis.

You will be responsible for designing, implementing and maintaining the flow of data through our organisation.

Tasks Include

– Setup of data warehouse (Google Sheets, MySQL, BigQuery etc)
– Connection with a front-end management & reporting tools, e.g:
    – ReTool → Management
    – Google Data Studio → Reporting
– Connecting various tools and data sources via APIs with Javascript and Low-Code solutions (Integromat), for the purpose of downloading, storing and retrieval of data from various 3rd party providers. For example: connecting Google Sheets & Integromat for data syncing.


The following skills are absolutely essential:

– Creative thinking: ability to suggest creative technical solutions for our real world business use cases.
– Communication: ability to communicate speak and understand English as a spoken language. Our organisation runs on video calls, Slack and Loom video recordings.
– Prioritisation: ability to understand which are the most important tasks, and focus on them accordingly.
– Big Picture Thinking: the ability to undertand the impact that your development work will have on our business operations.

Project Size

We want to contract someone whom has long-term thinking. We are looking for a long term partnership. As our organisation grows, so will the technical support we need for scaling our systems and reporting. Therefore, you will be needed in the long-term.

Time Zone

Our team is distributed, but you will be required to be available during Barcelona, Spain timezone for a portion of the working day. This is essential for communication about our projects.

Posted On: April 10, 2022 00:31 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:API, Database Design, MySQL, JavaScript

Country: Australia

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