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Develop a bulky email sending platform for multi subscription clientele.

Th features should include.:
1.Create, send & track bulk email campaigns using the bulk email marketing tool with advanced features.
2.Bounce Handling capabilities
Any hard bounce ID marked as ‘Blacklisted’ won’t receive any further emails from you.
3.Contact Lists Management
The contact list is a representation of the subscribers, contacts, users data. and ability to manage it easily.
4.Drag & Drop Builder
Ability  create a nice responsive HTML template with the help of  in-build Drag & Drop builder
5.Email Segmentation
The segment is a filter or categorization, ABIITY to create different sub-list or filter based on multiple criteria.
At the confirmation stage, ability to  select the conditions for the autoresponder as per your requirement.
7.Email Scheduling
While sending the campaign ability to select the date/time. You can set it schedule Sending Campaign.
8.Automation, Triggers
Ability to Trigger  campaign at any future date/time. i.e Next day/week/month, any date/time
9.Subscritpion modules based on how many emails are being send.

Budget: $500

Posted On: April 22, 2022 09:06 UTC
Category: Email Marketing
Skills:Marketing Automation, SendGrid, Email Campaign Setup, HTML, Web Development, SMTP

Country: United States

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