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We have a programmer but need a few simple but precise designs for a one product shopping cart.

We are using an api for our site, so that it has a system similar to I  believe that the tools that the cart company has can make this very simply. I am still investigting that.

but for the scope of this project I simply want you to make a shop page.

We only have one product. Thats the product listed here.

We are looking to sell it for 60 dollars.
Your design should match the rest of the site and have a buy button next to the bottle. We could do it like kinslips has it with the quantity being later but I think if the quantity is on the buy initial screen it will be a faster process.

I am still learning what we have to design our self for the shopping cart system and what is provided to us. If we have to design something ourselves then I will give you some money for helping with that.

But for now just do the menu bar and the page where you buy the product.

the menu bar should have the word
right below the home button on the right.
We can also put that or another button on the front page below the bottle to draw attention there.

So modify the front page
modify the menu
create the Purchase page which is the Equilibrium bottle for sale with a quantity tool. I will give you a little bit of text to go with that.

Budget: $30

Posted On: April 09, 2022 09:02 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:Adobe Illustrator, Mockup, Web Design

Country: United States

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