Design & SEO of landing page for China – for Baidu search engine – Upwork

Hello everyone, I would like to have a landing site on the search engine Baidu, basically in order to introduce myself to the chinese market. In the beginning, it aims to just be a simple page explaining who I am and what I offer – hint: interpreter for chinese/english/greek based in Athens and the fields that I am active in, like Insurance.
It is desirable that if someone from China types (in chinese) "translators in Greece" my landing page would come up in the first results. Since I am not a connoisseur of the way this would happen, I would require your advice and service.

Budget: $400

Posted On: March 28, 2022 13:09 UTC
Category: Search Engine Optimization
Skills:Chinese, English, WordPress, Landing Page, Content Writing, SEO, SEO Keyword Research, SEO Performance, Organic Traffic Growth

Country: Greece

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