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Im actually selling stuffs though my website. Before i was using stripe but right now i’mworking with a payment processor called Payxpert.

The fact is that i need a custom integration to make woofunnel and payxpert work together.
Here is what the woofunnels support told me about it :

Yes, the Funnel Builder PRO is sufficient to run the upsell. No need for UpStroke individually.

We would like to provide you with the documentation of Payment gateway integration.

The best way to start would be to look at Stripe integration.

It is available in funnel-builder-promodulesone-click-upsellsgateways

At the core of it, the developer needs to:

1) Tokenise the user card during the initial transaction

2) then use that token to create a charge if upsell is accepted

3) When the charge is accepted, read funnel settings to see if its a new order or merge with the original order

Stripe integration will provide all the insights.

You can go through the below points to study UpStroke for built-in compatibility with payment gateways:

First, you need to check how the new gateway integration needs to be registered to be shown in the upstroke settings.

1. You need to hook into `wfocu_wc_get_supported_gateways` your gateway integration class.

This hook is placed in ~/wp-content/plugins/funnel-builder-pro/modules/one-click-upsells/includes/class-wfocu-gateways.php:84

2. Then use spl_autoload_register(); to include your integration class PHP.  Take reference from how we load gateways compatibility files in wp-content/plugins/funnel-builder-pro/modules/one-click-upsells/includes/class-wfocu-gateways.php:21. We recommend you create a WordPress plugin and write the class and the loading code inside that.

3. Take reference from our existing integrations found in ~/wp-content/plugins/funnel-builder-pro/modules/one-click-upsells/gateways.

Let us know if any other questions.


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