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Hello sir!

I have a project I’m wondering if you can assist with.

Also forgive me, I am not completely technically savvy, while I do know some things.

I have been using freelance software developers to create a CRM software that is designed to organize client data such as name, address, and most concerning for me: credit card data.

Now, the CRM itself is not supposed to store any card data, and I have instructed that this all be done using Stripe Payment service.

My ultimate concern is that there may be something hidden within the code that could compromise my clients data. And I cannot have this happen.

My questions are:

Would you be able to comb through the code to check for irregularities/vulnerabilities?


Is there more we can do at the point of the data collection that can safeguard against any leaks or hacks?

Posted On: February 02, 2022 19:08 UTC
Category: CMS Development
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