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I run a website that helps people learn to draw the human figure.

I have a community. The community platform allows custom HTML in posts. I would like to be able to create galleries I can then embed into posts in Circle.

The specs for the gallery:
1. The embedded gallery presents a responsive grid of images
2. Clicking on one opens a modal type pop up which is also responsive to device size
3. Clicking ‘play’ starts a slideshow through the images
4. the user can specify the time interval between image changes (e.g. choose between 1, 2 minutes or 5 minutes)

Our existing gallery has some of those functions, but doesn’t allow the users to specify the time interval, it only allows 2 minute interval ( I also don’t think I can embed this in a Circle post.

The reason is that people will be drawing from these images, and sometimes they want to do quick sketch practice sessions where the pose changes every 1 minute, and sometimes they want to do a slower practice where the poses change every 5 minutes etc. I’d like the galleries to be in Circle so that I can have everything in one place. The Elfsight embeddable gallery is close to what I need, but doesn’t allow for users to change the slideshow time.

I think Fancybox could provide a good gallery that would work, if the above specs can be achieved with it.

Please explain how you would achieve the above in your proposal. Thanks!

Hourly Range: $25.00-$60.00

Posted On: April 13, 2022 09:12 UTC
Category: Front-End Development
Skills:Web Development, Gallery Plugin

Country: United Kingdom

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