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Many have tried and many have failed. Especially those with teams of "Experts"… nothing! Yet I have seen it working before after a 19 year old fixed it putting many many ‘experts’ to shame. The problem is that one of those ‘experts’ also broke it again.

I need someone with a mind for lots of data. A sense of humour will help. High IQ? We will get on.

I have an issue to rectify. Once it is rectified it opens up a whole lot of development work. But it must be for the right person. Passion for coding a must and a refusal to be beaten by binary!

I have a 10 minute video which shows the first problem.

You must be available to work straight away and work through weekends if necessary. You must be able to listen and think eons outside of the box.

Please do not apply if you are a representative for a team of people. I need a bedroom/home office PHP geek… WHERE ARE YOU?? I will pay you squibillions of money!

Budget: $500

Posted On: April 21, 2022 15:08 UTC
Category: Back-End Development
Skills:PHP, PHP Script, Database Design, Database Architecture, jQuery

Country: United Kingdom

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