Build WordPress website with Divi template – initial draft in place – Upwork

Hi there.  We have an existing website that is in major need of a do-over.  Our existing website is built on WordPress and is connected to WooCommerce for our e-commerce aspect of the business.  Our existing website is effectively a funnel website – single page.  We are wanting to move to a much cleaner home page with  links to additional pages with further information.

We need to modernise our website and create a lot more white space.  An initial draft has been started using a Divi template and this is being done on a ‘duplicate’ website that we have on WordPress.  Our existing website is still active, and we are working on the new website on the duplicate site.

Initially, we are wanting to get feedback from a mock-up and I need someone that is very proficient and quick with Divi.  I am new to it so it is taking me longer than is ideal.  I am interested to know what cost there would be to have someone undertake this task on my behalf, to save me time.

We are interested in getting a mock-up as quickly as possible.  Most of the content is available in a word document, and we are wanting someone to set up the template with the links to the additional pages and including our content so that we can see what it looks like in situ.  Once in place, it will be easy for me to edit via WordPres, so really looking for someone to set it up and allow me to edit.

Can you help me please?

Hourly Range: $12.00-$20.00

Posted On: April 19, 2022 02:00 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:Mockup, Divi, WordPress, Web Development, WooCommerce

Country: New Zealand

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