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Looking for Divi dev to build website skeleton.

Purpose of site is news analysis.  

There are two types of analysis that will take place:  1) discover hidden biases they have when reading news and 2) point out how media skews stories by title and content to fit agenda.

For first type (hidden bias).  Basic flow is to post a news story with all adjectives removed (manually).  No descriptions of color, gender, religion, etc.  Let a user pick from a set of questions about how they feel and add comment.  Then we reveal "some" of story details and then pose questions and ask for comment.  Repeat up to max five iterations.  At the end we ask if they changed opinion and why.  Think of it like an onion in which you keep peeling until you get to the full article.

Level 1 – all adjectives removed
Level 2 – add some back in like
Level 3 – add more back in
Level 4 – add more back in
Level 5 – add all back in

Other users can only see to the level they have read and replied to—in other words they cannot jump to last rev and see full story without doing each iteration.

Stories may be current or old–even ancient.  

Ideally there would be several to look at each day.  Each iteration they can see how others also replied—like a forum but with layers.

Example 1:  imagine a much longer story than I show here, but basically it would go like this:
Level 1
  Title:  Person shoots unarmed intruder.
  Story:  A person responded to an intruder in their house by shooting them with a gun.  The intruder was pronounced dead at the scene and is also reported to have been unarmed.

Select from the following about how you feel:
a.  shooter should face charges
b.  intruder deserved it for committing crime and no charges filed
c.  guns are bad and should be removed to prevent this
d.  need more info

Posted On: April 22, 2022 20:05 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:WordPress, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Divi, WordPress Plugin, WordPress e-Commerce

Country: United States

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