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We are looking for a solid Developer, which is able to create a custom map linked to a shopify or wordpress store. We basically want to build the exact same thing as, just with the only difference that we want to have Satellite images like
The polygons should be customes created from hand. We dont want a tiles grid.

The Actual NFT’s will be on the Matic Blockchain.

We are looking in best case for a developer or team, which could do everything. If you just can do the NFT Part, we also would be interested to work with you. Also the same if you just would do the Map part. We could get another developer, which does then the part, which you cant do.

Ive created you 2 videos, its everything explained in there what we need. Please tell me if you are interested to do this order with us. And if you face any question, just ask 🙂

Video 1
Video 2

Simple Shopify Store or any CMS like WordPress etc.
-have to be connected to the map. Means: Everytime a land is sold, it should update the opensea link on the map (

The minting process should be automated and working like or similiar to this:

1. NFT is minted before and listed to the shop + map
2. NFT is buyed from customer
3. Customer receives email with Instructions to get NFT (PDF)
4. In the Instructions the customer will be guided, on how to create a wallet on metamask.
5. After the customer created the wallet, he can simply scan the QR Code in the email or click on it.
6. Customer will be redirected to the metamask browser, which opens a website, were the customer is able to claim the nft.

(IMPORTANT: The NFT is not claimed actually,it is just transfered from another adress. When the customer creates a new wallet,
he does not have any matics, so he will be unable to claim. It has to be a transcation)

The Map:
-should be possible to connect wallet with metamask
-should be possible to see the land, which was bought with that metamask adress.
-simliar functionalities like tiliaverse, Create profile, filter possibilities etc.

Budget: $20,000

Posted On: April 21, 2022 23:12 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Web Design, Browser Extension, Google Chrome Extension, Java, JavaScript, C++, Business with 1-9 Employees, Web Development, WordPress

Country: Switzerland

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