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I am testing an idea and would like help to develop the pilot.

PROBLEM: Many SaaS developers and founders find it difficult to launch an affiliate or referral program to build awareness for their product.

SOLUTION: I would like to offer a tool that allows them to create tracking links, monitor the CTR and conversion, calculate* the commission for their affiliate, and batch the transaction data (affiliate and commission) to Stripe for one (or two) button payments.

NOTE: *The SaaS tool owner should be able to enter their desired commission amount. If it is easier, it is acceptable for v1 to require them to enter their commission rate and product sale amount. For example, they may manually enter $50 sale price and 10% commission rather than this being a dynamic calculation.


The main idea of the product is to allow founders to focus on their business and ease the management (specifically the commission and payouts) for their affiliates.

Again, this is v0.1 to test the idea.

I am not particular about the coding language and am open to recommendations. I have a WordPress site set up for the marketing/inbound side of the business. If this first version is integrated with WP, that would be awesome.

If the theory tests well, this would become an on-going project.

To be a best fit for this project you need:

– Ability to communicate clearly
– Be timely and maintain your commitments
– Include your favorite food at the top of your proposal
– Be attentive to details

If you are interested, please reply with the experience you feel is helpful to this project.

Hourly Range: $13.00-$30.00

Posted On: April 22, 2022 07:51 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Affiliate Marketing, SaaS, WordPress

Country: United States

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