Build a forum an blog with interactive. map – Upwork

home page
– Header with logo, brief description of objectives
– Invitation to join the Community
– Italy by region selection and specific research
– New in the foreground
– Latest News ( 3 news prior to posted )
– Featured news (could be a slider)
– Topics / Tag News (CTA to the news catalog by chosen topic)
– Alphabetical Archive (entrepreneur)
– Search within the blog for:
o Topic
o Agency
o Entrepreneur
o Brand
o … other?
o Average?
– Social and Footer
Each news box in the blog home will have:
– Image
– Title
– Author (Name Surname) to be defined
– Publication date
– Indicative sign "article reading time"
– CTA to the single news?

Single news page
– Image

– Title
– Author (Name Surname)
– Publication date
– Indicative sign "article reading time"
– Social for sharing
– Print article
– Listen to article
– CTA to access the Community
Community (Forum) –
home page
What is the community and what advantages it has to entice the user to register.
Registration box
– Name surname
– Agency
– Mail
– I agree to receive periodic updates
– Privacy
Community access
The user can log in with their email (unlocked by us in the back-end) then to 2 different areas :
1. Forum area (share experiences and enrich your network – only between community
members) – free space for sharing materials, videos, documents … + comments
2. Live meeting area

Budget: $1,200

Posted On: March 28, 2022 10:11 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:WordPress, SEO, Google Ads, SEMrush, Technical SEO, SEO Keyword Research, SEO Performance, Landing Page, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEO Audit, On-Page SEO

Country: Germany

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