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#Last 30 days:
199k users
252k sessions
779k pageviews
1,227k publisher impressions
2.6% publisher CTR
$2.20 eCPM avg (fluctuates wildly)

My personal background is more in B2B Marketing/Advertising as opposed to the Publisher side of things. Looking for an expert to get me up to speed in order to scale and grow revenue.

I am doing ad arbitrage with FB traffic but am more or less breaking even with minor profit.

Currently running adsense with fixed placements. (Was running autoads previously but it was too invasive)

Using Advanced Ads plugin for WordPress.

Tried but struggled to balance pagespeed metrics (critical for SEO) vs ad load delays and ended up seeing less then 1/3rd the revenue of adsense so switched back.

– I want to be able to track publisher revenue by user id in GAUA, GA4, Facebook, etc so that I can see exactly how much revenue a given user within a campaign produces and feed that back to the channel for optimization. Today I can track ad clicks as an FB conversion, but without any value. That leaves me guessing and is not optimal.

– I need to get browser and server side GTM event tracking setup on ad clicks in order to optimize better and to do conversion tracking on 3rd party platforms. I have this working  for facebook right now via a WordPress Plugin but it’s not perfect and I’m going to need this for other channels I expect.

– I need to know if/when I should move from this WordPress plugin ( to Google Ad Manager or equiv. Then I’ll need help with setup.


Posted On: April 17, 2022 16:06 UTC
Category: Digital Marketing
Skills:Google AdSense, Ad Server, Programmatic Campaign, Revenue Management, Campaign Management, Google Ad Manager, Display Ad

Country: Canada

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